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Logo design and logo development in Indiana

Logo development is the most important and the very first step towards the development of a spectacular corporate identity and, as a result, an individual image of your company. Therefore, the logo should clearly express the main activity of the company, be attractive, be well remembered and qualitatively distinguish you from competitors. That is why the creation of a logo is a rather troublesome process that requires a detailed study of fresh trends, customer activities, competitors’ brand strategies and the taste of the target audience.

Properly designed logo:

  1. should be well remembered and recognizable;
  2. inspire consumer confidence;
  3. clearly reflect the essence of the company.

Also, the logo should be thoroughly thought out to the smallest detail:

  1. carry a certain meaning;
  2. look harmonious as in black and white, and in color with any size;
  3. to preserve its properties in various applications: as in the electronic version, and being applied to different surfaces.

Logo is impression

In the end, it is the logo that forms the basis of the corporate identity and it is the logo that forms the first impression and can attract the attention of customers and potential partners. If you want to become recognizable, qualitatively stand out among competitors and are looking for real professionals in the area of ​​logo design Lviv – you have come to the following address: the advertising agency Brendmi will be able to create a logo for you that you can always boast about. Logos created by us look great in any version: either on the website or on souvenirs, everywhere! At the same time, our studio’s logo will work for you around the clock, attracting the target audience, distinguishing you from your competitors, and increasing customer confidence in your brand. The peculiarity of the logos developed by us is their originality and originality, because we approach each client individually, carefully studying his tastes, wishes and the smallest details in his field of activity.

How do we create a logo for your company?

Communication with the manager

We ask you a series of clarifying questions in order to better understand the specifics of your business, brand positioning, competitive environment and your personal wishes.


After agreeing on the conceptual version, you can make, and we will implement, a number of amendments to the agreed concept.


We make the latest changes and a stroke in the final version.

Technical task

Filling briefing, additional questions.

Development of conceptual options